About Vengepros!

Hello, We are Romone and Alexis!

romone-and-Alexis- Vengepros

We started Venge Pros because we are both passionate about health and fitness! To give you a bit of a background, Alexis is a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, and she currently works as a Fitness Manager for Crunch Fitness. She has also worked as a physiotherapy assistant in the past and hopes to become a physiotherapist herself in the future!

Romone may not be as decorated in the health and fitness industry, but he has been practicing a healthy lifestyle since 2016! He has done endless research regarding exercise and nutrition and is known to be a very active individual who definitely knows what’s up! As a Production Designer and Serial Entrepreneur, he has discovered a serious passion for men’s fashion and grooming lifestyle – a great addition to our combined repertoire!😍

Together we provide honest content that will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle! We do not operate as a company, but just as a very cute couple sharing their knowledge and experiences within the health and fitness space. We hope you find our content informative and make your first step towards your own active lifestyle! Have a question? Check us out on Instagram or give us a quick shout below! 📢